Twitter/Art+Social Media | Lilac Lang

iLove 2009
Oil on Wood Panel
8 x 6 inches

Lilac Lang
Vancouver, BC

Fascinated by the fluctuations between isolation and connection in our daily negotiations as human beings, I feel these polarities amplified by the advancement of online social networking tools. The assimilation of these tools into the vocabulary of our existence has altered how we interact and communicate. To challenge this, I cancelled my face book account for a year, shamelessly tested the waters of internet dating, then made a series of oil paintings in response to the feelings and situations that ensued. I posted the work to various online portfolios and artist communities. In the paintings, phrases that employ text message shorthand and colloquial internet abbreviations punctuate the narratives suggested by crudely rendered recognizable imagery. Quirky, solitary objects float in space waiting to be found and made useful. Small in scale, these intimate paintings are imbued with a sense of light-hearted playfulness, but also a dark honesty.

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