Sara Genn’s Lucca, Italy Slideshow

Lucca, Italy photos by Sara Genn with paintings from her series Sixty Days of Light

Diane Farris Gallery is pleased to present White, Sara Genn’s first solo show with the gallery. The exhibition explores white as a starting point for a gradual shift to colour. The juxtaposition of low-key, off-white images of trees from her series Sixty Days of Light alongside new paintings from Colour, Moving and Still demonstrates her mastery of colour concepts and associations. Genn’s sophisticated use of patterning and repetition contribute to zen-like images that are simultaneously objects of pleasure and visual seduction. Her thick, luxurious application of paint creates a delicious visual texture.

The works in Sixty Days Of Light were inspired by a 2008 studio swap when Sara Genn traded her New York studio with an American writer living in Lucca, Italy. Finding herself enthralled by the magical Mediterranean light, Genn applied her tonal explorations to the trees that encircle the Tuscan town. She wrote:

“Painting light is its own encyclopaedia of art. Artists tackle it in all sorts of ways, the Italians used techniques like chiaroscuro – here I was riding a bicycle around in Italy, constantly aware of extreme light conditions, and then wandering through the Uffizi Gallery in Florence eating the A to Z of Italian light.”

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