Group Exhibition | Resurfacing, 2011

Resurfacing: from private collections

November 10 – 30, 2011
Diane Farris Gallery
Online exhibition

We are pleased to have a number of excellent works that have come back to us from private collectors who are “scaling down” and re-selling works from their collections. Our November online exhibit “Resurfacing” features a selection of these Secondary Market works including beautiful paintings by David Bierk, Judith Currelly, Taras Politaiko, Philippe Raphanel and Neil Wedman. In addition to the pieces listed on the exhibition page, weekly features will highlight specific works, artists and provide insight into the world of the Secondary Market.

Additional re-sale works by Jesse Garbe, Graham Gillmore, Angela Grossmann, Cherry Hood, Attila Richard Lukacs, Chris Woods and others can be found in our Secondary Market section.

If you are considering the sale of a work please contact the gallery to enquire.


David Bierk

Bierk’s homages to Old Master pictures — his giving them refuge in the sanctuary of his picture — reminds us that all that glitters in avant-garde art is not necessarily gold, and above all that many avant-garde works lack the spirituality that Clement Greenberg foolishly regarded as an after effect of manipulation of the physical medium rather than as something latent in being that creativity struggled to make materially manifest.Donald Kuspit

Eulogy VIII,
Oil on board
28.5 x 28.5 inches framed


Eulogy (Balance) to El Labrador
, 1996
Oil gold leaf on photo on board, steel
33 x 52.5 inches


A Eulogy to Earth, Ancient Pond (Believe)
, 1996
Oil on canvas
49 x49 inches framed

Information on David Bierk and his work is located on his artist page. Books and catalogues about the artist are available through the DFG Shop.

Judith Currelly

“It is in this process of deconstructing, layering and recombining scenes and symbols into often multi-image panels that Currelly escapes traditional landscape painting and touches the mythic. Hers is an art, not of land but of relationships and memories.” Daniel Wood

Earth’s Secrets II
, 2005
Oil on wood
61.5 x 49.5 inches


Raven Contemplates His Folly
, 1993
Oil on panel
36 X 50 inches


Something Sacred, 2005
Oil on panel
62 x 50 inches


Be-longing, 2005
Oil on wood panel
40 x 48 inches

Diane Farris Gallery has represented Judith Currelly for more than twenty years. Additional works by Judith Currelly are available on her Available Works, Secondary Market and DFG Shop pages. Several of these works by Judith come from a collection in Whister, BC; installation images and additional works are posted here.


Sam Lam

“I attempt to create a new visual language…while still being in a state of reminiscence – remembering things past.” Sam Lam

The Procession
Acrylic on canvas
68 x 80 inches

Visit Sam Lam’s artist pages for additional images of available works and information on his past exhibitions.


Taras Polataiko

“Polataiko wants his art to get into our biological and social systems. He constantly uses his own life in his work, but it is an adopted, mirrored, contaminated half-life.” Mark Cheetham

“Untitled” (I Can’t believe my Eyes)
, 1994
Acrylic on canvas
55 x 55 inches each panel

Image will be posted shortly. For installation images of this piece contact the gallery.

Taras Politaiko
“Untitled” (My Dream Comes True), 1993
Acrylic on canvas
39  x 39 inches, each panel


Philippe Raphanel

“The paintings of logging trucks, biomorphic hulks of machinery and sleeping workmen, owed something to Enzo Cucchi. They were about bodies as well as the ravages of the forest industry. It is easy to read logs as phallic forms, albeit dismembered ones, and the vitalist anxiety of these paintings depends on this bodily, sexual reference. He exhibited these works in the “Young Romantics” exhibition I curated at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 1985. The response to the exhibition estavlished Raphanel and the others as the new, young Vancouver Painters.”  Scott Watson

Triptych with 2 Stumps and Mine
, 1985
Acrylic on canvas
64 x 178 inches


Two Logs
, 1984
Acrylic on canvas
92 x 66 inches

Diane Farris Gallery’s Secondary Market section features work by Philippe Raphanel including a graphite drawing from this series.

Neil Wedman

“Wedman’s works challenge the hegemony of abstraction and modernist theory by producing large scale figurative images rooted in depictions of the body and scenes lifted from popular culture. Thus, Wedman has produced images based on cheesy 1950s sci-fi films; film sets; “popular” art scenes like poker-playing dogs; and, … figurative drawings based on compositions found in racy 1950s men’s magazine gag cartoons. Often, his work applies the scale of nineteenth century history painting to events which, from a historical perspective, would seem unsuited to it.” Chris Brayshaw

Untitled (Brides)
, 1989
Mixed media on canvas
96 x 96 inches


Séance 1990
, 1991
Graphite, linseed oil on linen
68 x 110 inches

More drawings by Neil Wedman, including a study from the Brides series, are located on his Secondary Market page.


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