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Futura Bold


"Back in Emily Carr in 1980, everybody was simply creating what seemed appropriate responses to the era: profound economic stagnation, nascent Reganism and a complete rethinking of the body that AIDS was just then creating. Punk and New Wave were officially dead and exciting new critical and visual systems were arising in their wake. It was all intuitive and fast. There was no time for planning or reflection. The work had to be done. That it all had to be done at Emily Carr up in the painting department seemed quite natural, and itŐs only with hindsight we can see just what a rare and exciting explosion it was.

"I was down in the 3D studios, with no intention to paint, so I was able to sit ringside, free of motives, and watch as the canvases and ideas and confidence of these four friends grew and grew. It was thrilling. It really was."

Douglas Coupland


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Fifteen Years Later
May 1999

Installation Shot