Draw by Night #8 – Factory Rejects

Organized by Myron Campbell, this event was part of the Twitter/Art+Social Media show at the Diane Farris Gallery and 30 spots were available (10 to invited artists and 20 to the public). Sara Genn and Fiona Ackerman, artists working with DFG, were a couple of the invited artists.

Things were bit differently at this event. We had large sheets of paper for everyone to draw on together. These works will be sold with half the money going to “Hope In The City” charity and the other half going into supplies and future free events of Draw By Night.

The theme was “Factory Rejects” and included outlandish inventions that didn’t make it to market like the Tooth Scratcher. Or faulty robot butlers and laser discs. Or misfit toys that get built wrong and become bad.

Check Draw by Night for future drawing parties.

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